UPDATE: The City of El Monte Business Grant Update #1

Greetings El Monte Business Community:

We know how important it is for our small businesses to get the relief they deserve and as quickly as possible during these difficult times. That’s why we here at City Hall have been working around the clock to make sure applications are thoroughly reviewed and expeditiously processed to ensure that funds are made available as quickly as possible.

As a reminder, in order to have qualified for this one-time $10,000 Program grant, a business must have fulfilled the following requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Be physically located within the City’s boundaries;
  • Employ fewer than 20 employees (including business owners);
  • Have been operational for at least one (1) year;
  • Have a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number; and
  • Possess a current, valid business license.

For Grant Applicants:

How can I make sure my application is processed fairly and in the order it was received?
All grant applicants received an email confirmation upon submission of their application. That email contains a recap of your application answers plus a “Submission Timestamp.” Your “Submission Timestamp” is your place in line on which applications get reviewed.

What if I lost or can’t find my “Submission Timestamp”?
You can contact the El Monte Business Resource Center at (626) 258-8670 or ElMonteBusinesses@ElMonteCA.Gov  or Virtual City Hall at https://monte.campaignrep.org/page/business-and-employment-resource-center during regular business hours. Provide us with your name, email and business name and we will email you a copy of your email confirmation submission.

Who's Qualified So Far?

Available for review now is the 1st Grant Status Update Spreadsheet.
You can review the status of the first 115 applicants by clicking the “Download Grant Sheet” button below. Updates will be posted as more information becomes available.

Download Grant Sheet

Application Status Key
Pending - Your application has not been reviewed
Qualified - Your application qualifies for the grant but is pending additional information
Approved - Your application is approved; pending submission of signed grant agreement
Awarded - You’ve accepted the agreements and have been awarded the grant
Disqualified - You are not eligible for the grant/did not respond to City requests