Recent High Winds stirring up Plenty of Pollen and Allergies

Recently, rising wind levels have stirred up pollen levels and increased allergic reactions for many communities in the San Gabriel Valley. Air Quality Indexes are currently showing moderate air quality levels and a risk of increased PM2.5 dominant pollutant. PM2.5 is a assortment of tiny particles that irritate the eyes, nose, and respiratory system. Long-term exposure to this may lead to aggravation of heart and lung disease. With Spring on the horizon it is increasingly important to keep our health in check and continue to stay indoors when able. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is already straining health resources as is and an increased risk of allergic reactions to rising pollen levels will only further exacerbate the situation on hand.

Remember to continue wearing a mask whenever outdoors and be sure to follow health and safety guidelines to keep yourself and your family safe. 

To learn more about Airborne Allergens and how to best identify and defend yourself from them please refer to this article link here

Also be sure to stay connected with the LA County Board of Health to stay up to date on all health related issues happening in the city!