New Program Looks to Pair Unemployed El Monte Workers with Jobs in City of Industry

El Monte and the City of Industry are launching a platform to help residents who have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic find work.

The two cities announced that the Virtual Job Placement Program will help serve as a “one-stop shop” to connect recently laid off El Monte residents with businesses in the City of Industry.

The program is exclusively for El Monte residents.

While the City of Industry only has a few hundred residents, it is home to over 3,000 businesses which employ tens of thousands of people.

The program is a collaboration between the city of El Monte and the Industry Business Council, a nonprofit business organization.

“This partnership is a part of our proactive work to be an exceptional resource for our resident’s during these uncertain times,” said City of El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero said in a statement. “By partnering with our neighbors in the City of Industry, we hope to match all residents in need of work with a quality job in their community and in turn provide the business community with qualified applicants.”

COVID-19 has delivered an economic blow to the Los Angeles metro area. As of mid-June, Los Angeles County’s unemployment rate was 20.9%, prompting the county to launch a more than $100 million renters relief program.

The city and county of L.A. has also started the L.A. Regional COVID-19 Recovery Fund, which is offering millions of dollars in loans and grants to help keep small businesses afloat.

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