El Monte Business Grant Program: Am I eligible for this assistance grant?


The  City of El Monte’s Employer AssistanceGrant  Fund offers on-time  $10,000  grants to eligible businesses to help them create jobs, retain jobs, and offer quality services to the residents of El Monte. Grant funds may be used for overhead expenses,  rent,  utilities,  business services such as web site development to increase capacity, and the necessary equipment to continue business operations,  among others. Businesses are not expected to pay back grants. 

The program is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as eligible under Sections 105(a)17 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. TheCity of El Monte’s Employer AssistanceGrant  Fund meets  the  following  national  objectives,  depending  on  the business’ eligibility: Benefiting persons of low to moderate-income; job creation and retention



  • Businesses must meet all requirements to be eligible for the program. Eligibility  requirements  are outlined below:
    • Business must have a current business license in the City of El Monte
    • Business must be physically located within El Monte city limits
    • Business must employ less than 20 employees, including the owner(s)
    • The business has been operational at least one (1) year
    • Have or register for a DUNS Number (City Staff are available to assist) 
    • Submit all required documents (Download the Full Manual & See Required Documents Section)
  • Meet one (1) of the following criteria below:
    • The service activity area of the business is primarily residential, where at least  51 percent of the residents are LMI persons, and the business’ services meet the needs of the service area residents.  If  the  commercial  district  is  composed  of  stores  and businesses that serve local customers that meet the LMI then it qualifies; OR
    • Currently, employ and retain at least one (1) low-and moderate-income (LMI) person or in the case of staff turnover,  have the identified position filled by an LMI  person  (see details below) and demonstrate that without grant assistance the job would be lost.


Download the full Business Grant Program Manual here:

Download Grant Manual