Dia de Los Muertos Ofrenda Contest

Participants are encouraged to create a colorful altar (ofrenda) to honor a departed family member or friend on the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos tradition, and share pictures of their altars. 

Categories for the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos Altar Contest will be:

How to Enter Contest:
1.  Altars must use traditional elements but can have one’s own creative perspective. 
2.  Enter today by visiting the Virtual City Hall website at  monte.campaignrep.org.  
3.  Make sure to include a photo of your Altar. Maximum of (2) photos per Altar will be accepted.

Contest Guidelines:
Altars will be judged on their overall presentation including but not limited to respect for tradition, creativity and style. All entries will be judged by an independent panel of Judges who will determine the winner of each category.  The contest is open to all Residents within the City of El Monte.
*Photographs and/or video of all entries may be used for publication by the City of El Monte.  

All entries need to be registered by NOVEMBER 3, 2020.  Winners will be announced by NOVEMBER 5,2020.